Bol News New Frequency 2018

Bol Network New Frequency On Pakisat 1R 38E
New Updates 25.03.2018


  Satellite Paksat  1R 38E
Channel Name  Bol News Network Urdu
Channel Name  Bol Network Sindhi
Channel Name Bol Network Pashto
Channel Name  Bol Balochi
Channel Name Bol Network English
Channel Name Bol News Network panjabi
Channel Name Bol News Network chinese
25/05/2018 bol entertainment
Channel Name Pak News TV
  Band C Band
  Bandwidth 32 MHz
  Orbital Position 38 East
  Polarization Vertical
  Frequency   3785  MHz
  Transponder V
  Symble Rate   29500  MSymb/sec
  Encoding MPEG-4,HD/4:22 [email protected]
  Modulation QPSK
  FEC 3 / 4

Bol Network New Frequency On Pakisat 1R 38E
Transponder : 3766 H   29499
Call Us on 03-111-111-BOL (265)
New Updates 25.03.2018
Following the Axact scam, the launch date of BOL News channel was
bol news frequency
ISLAMABAD – BOL News Television, brought down roughly by the authorities, is now dusting itself off and looking for a formal launch.
The managers have begun to re-connect with staff that had to part ways after the channel ran into problems in May 2015.
“We initially had about 2300 staff and that number was down to 1300 when the operations came to a halt in September 2015,” the source said.
The phase-wise rejoining has started but the only problem right now is that many of the employees are working elsewhere and will need time to rejoin BOL.
Our source says the employees will be paid five-month outstanding salaries along with interest. “Those coming back will heave a sigh of relief because our salaries are much higher than what they are being paid by their current employers.”
The BOL Group was aiming to become Pakistan’s biggest media house but a New York Times story that claimed one of their companies was engaged in selling fake degrees, put things off track.
However, now after an ordeal of about 15 months that saw the group’s boss Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh remain in jail, the channel is quickly getting back on its feet.
This, some observers now point out is again bad news for BOL’s competitors who it is widely believed conspired against the group in connivance with the government that prevented the channel going on air in 2016.



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