Ptv Sports New Conax Key 2018



Ptv Sports New Conax Key 2018

Ptv Sports New Set to Box List
SR 2000hd Exterme   Rs 7800
SR 90000hd Exterme  Rs 7000
SR 85000hd Exterme  Rs 7800
Tiger T3000  Rs 16000
Tiger T8 High  Rs 7900
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Ptv Sports New Decoter, Reciever full details Here
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PTV SPORTS FEED CHANNEL New Updates 22 .02.2018
Ptv Sports feed On Ku Band Lnb PAKSAT.1R(38.0E)
TP: 11620  H  2000  SID:0001 HD Dish Size 4 feet
Dcw  Feed : FF  FF FF CC FF FF FF AA

PTV K LATE [email protected] 38.0°E
TP:4055 V 7000 MPEG.2 Biss SID.0001
Biss: 07 86 66 F3 22 91 10 C3
Updates  Sep 12, 2017
100% Working  Cricket
Tv Feed Home ANT On Satellite Paksat 1R at 38.0E
Channel Name ptv sports 2 Test Ptv Home Feed
(Frequency:4055  Symbol Rate  7000
Biss:51 32 13 CC 9A DD EC  36

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