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Xcruiser 4K Receivers Software Download

Mostly Android Receivers hang



How to Recover:

Mostly Android Receivers hang up while in running applications or hang on Boot Screen during the Booting process when you start the receiver. So, in this condition, the recovery process is applied to get the receiver in normal condition.

There are two different processes for Xcruiser 4K receivers that are given below:

  1. This process will work for that receiver in which Software version 1.6.0 or later is installed. Now Unplug the switch of a receiver and while again connecting the switch press red key from remote 15 times. while LED is on the receiver will blink red and green like flashing mode then press 1 number key from the remote. this process will make the receiver to reboot in factory default mode.
  2. Recovery files are given below. Copy the first method recovery file in the USB disk. power off the receiver. plug in the USB disk into the receiver. While again connecting the switch press the CH Up key from remote 20 times, the receiver will start with installing software from USB disk and through this process, the receiver will be erased completely and boot with factory default setting. If this process does not work then copy the 2nd method file into USB disk and again repeat the said process.

Here are recovery files for the below Xcruiser 4k models for free download:

Xcruiser XDSR585HDR


Xcruiser XDSR515HDR

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